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Premium Canadian Whisky

Windsor Canadian® is an iconic brand born from glacier water from the Rocky Mountains, distilled with the finest local prairie grains and aged in ex-bourbon barrels at the award-winning Alberta Distillers Limited.

Calgary-based, Alberta Distillers Limited is one of the few remaining 100 percent Canadian rye whisky producers in North America.

We use a unique distillation processes to create our products, but the heart of who we are lies in our ability to distill with one hundred percent rye grains, and to this day remain one of the only distilleries who can create the bold and spicy flavor of a 100% rye whisky with maximum smoothness across our award-winning collection.

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The Land

Alberta Canada is a rye and wheat growing region of Canada producing the oldest 100% rye distillate. The location is unique, at the foothills of Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains to the East. The mountains supply fresh water for fermentation and mash while the grain comes from the prairies. Large temperature swings between summer and winter months puts Alberta in an advantageous position to distill whisky which helps the whisky breath through the barrel and enhances the aging process for whisky.

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Cereal Grains

Sourced from farmers for generations to utilize the finest prairie grains in Canada. Each grain type is distilled individually and then aged in charred white oak barrels, which is blended post aging thus giving most control to the blenders to put together consistent expressions which are smooth, light, approachable, mixable with nice Rye note in the finish.


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Glacial Water

Glacier water off the Rocky Mountains is heavy in minerals and is characteristically hard water, increases fermentation activity and yields a uniquely characteristic whisky.

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Barrel Aged

Aged in ex-bourbon barrels for three years at the award-winning and best rye distillery in North America, Alberta Distillers Limited! Aging in Alberta is a unique and advantageous location due to their large temperature swings between summer and winter months, which helps the whisky breath through the barrel and enhances the aging process for whisky in stored in casks in warehouses.

For the place where unwinding comes naturally. Where you can let worries go, feel time slow down, and simply be. And in this place, there’s one whisky that feels just right to enjoy.

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